About the hotel

Hotel Neptunia among the best hotels in Tunisia: hotel Neptunia 3* is located in a tourist area of Skanes Monastir. It is only 5 minutes from the city itself and 15 minutes from Sousse. It therefore benefits from a quiet unique in its kind. The airport of Monastir is at 2 km and Enfidha is 50 km away.


All children are welcome. To view prices and information associated with the size of your group, please add them to your search to the number of children you're traveling with and their ages. This facility can not accommodate a baby cot. This facility can not accommodate extra beds. Pets are not allowed within the establishment.
Check-in 2:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 PM
Booking cancellation The conditions of cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to the type of accommodation.

Terms & Conditions

Any payment by credit card entails a surcharge of 3 %. Please note that the Neptunia Beach does not accept bookings from unmarried couples. All couples must present a marriage certificate which was valid at the time of registration. The name of the person listed on the reservation must match the one stated on the card used to make the booking. This last must be presented upon check-in. The deposit of your reservation will be charged on your credit card by the company " e-rev (UK) Ltd ", acting on behalf of the institution. This transaction will appear on your account statement under the heading " e-rev ltd.".